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Angela Brown – vibrato

I never forgot Broadus Erle’s comment about learning vibrato usage. “Listen to early Barbara Streisand”. After the Grammys last week, I still share that opinion but would also add Angela Brown to the list. A very talented singer with full … Continue reading

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Death of Milton Babbitt

Rarely has a composer been so polarizing with thought and music. From charlatan to genius, sides are passionate. One thing to be certain, very little of his music is listened to and for obvious reasons, not played. Some of this … Continue reading

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4th Finger pressure

Thinking about the tendency to press harder with the left hand fourth finger. Today I tried the opposite. Naturally the vibrato was better and a better sense of elan in both slow and passagework was present. Just because it is … Continue reading

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CPE Bach

Have just been turned onto violin and harpsichord sonatas by CPE Bach. Rarely played but quite stunning. Hard to find music. Check out Schott, also a nice rendition on Youtube of the c minor.

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